My name is Robert and I have a background in livestock generally, but have for a number of years specialised in sheep, after gaining shearing awards from Sparsholt College in Winchester and the British Wool Marketing Board. I work to a high standard and aim to keep the sheep as stress-free as possible.

I possess the equipment needed for a range of shearing jobs. I use three machines, the first a mains-powered Lister Nexus three-speed, the second a 12-volt machine that runs off a car battery, making shearing in paddocks or fields possible where there is no mains power,  and finally the third machine is a fully portable battery powered machine for those with just a few sheep.

Shearing Technique

The sheep shearing technique that I use is known as the Bowen method, developed in New Zealand by the famous Bowen brothers, Godfrey and Ivan. Godfrey in particular is a legend in shearing, having set a world record in 1953 when he sheared 456 sheep in nine hours.